Ben Fielding
Grace abounds is a song written by  Ben Fielding and Dean Ussher sung by  Ben Fielding , along with Darlene Zschech who gave backing vocal. This song is from the latest album Cornerstone, which is the twenty-first album in the live praise and worship series of Christian Contemporary music by Hillsong Church. 

Title: Grace Abounds
Band: Hillsong Live
Author: Ben Fielding, Dean Ussher 
Worship Leader:  Ben Fielding 
Album: Cornerstone 2012 

Intro:  Fmaj7   Am   C   G

Verse 1:
Fmaj7                   Am                    
    You lay aside Your throne    
 C                G
and to this world You have come
Fmaj7                  Am                    
    You offered up Your life,  
  C                     G
the debt You paid, it was not Yours

      Dm           Am    G                
Your grace abounds to me,      

C          Em7      F
Your grace abounds to me
Dm  Am      C    G          F    G
Jesus,  in You I find all that I need

Verse 2:
Fmaj7            Am                  
A Gift I could not earn    
 C       G          C
Your open arms,   are undeserved    
Fmaj7        Am              
Enabled by Your grace      
C                      G
Now to live,  is Christ alone

Bridge: (x3)
F               G                    
All powerful,   All glorious,  
Am            G/G#
there's nothing like the name of Jesus
F                      G                    
All powerful,   All glorious,  
       Am            G/G#
there's nothing like Your name

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