Becky Lucas Citypoint Live
Becky Lucas is the Worship Pastor at Citipointe Church Brisbane, Australia. Pursuing quality and excellence, she aspires to see others fulfill their dreams and push people to greater heights in their unique calling. With a real and down to earth approach to life and ministry, her ‘transparent’ style of worship is evident in each song she delivers. Becky Lucas understands that to fulfill God’s call in a person’s life, they must first be able to see themselves the way God sees them. 

Verse 1
Fm           Ab
We are Your Church
C#            Fm
Vibrant and alive
Fm           Ab
We are your people
C#                Fm
Chosen to be your light

Eb         Fm
We will humble ourselves
Eb         Fm
We will seek your face
Eb         Fm
Let your church arise
Eb           C#
With never ending praise

You are God
No wonder I'm in love with you
We live to bring you praise
                  Fm         (F# on repeat)
We live to bring you praise

Verse 2
Fm          Ab
As one we unite
C#               Fm
Standing as your bride
Fm                    Ab
Bringing justice and love
          C#            Fm
And the wonder of your life

C#    Eb       Fm    Eb      C#
All praise to the, Righteous one
      Eb       Fm   Eb/G     C#
All praise to the, King of love
      Eb       Fm         Eb      C#
All praise to the, God of Miracles
And life

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