Jesus Culture Encounter is an annual conference held at Bethel church in Redding, California. For two days people will gather to seek the Lord and be equipped to bring revival and transformation to a generation. As they gather together with youth and young adults they pray for an outpouring of God’s spirit on this generation and they anticipate in all that He will do. Next Encounter conference is on Jan 11-12, 2013. You can register to this conference by Dec 2012. Speakers for 2013 Conference are as follows Banning Liebscher, Tom Crandall, Jude Fouquier, Kristene DiMarco, Derek Johnson, Bryan and Katie along with fabulous Worship from the team fronted by Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala with Ian McIntosh playing keys, Jeffrey Kunde as the lead guitarist, Brandon Aaronson as the bassist, Josh Fisher as the drummer, and Skyler Smith as acoustic guitarist. You can view the last session of encounter conference which was held this year in February.

Since 1999, Jesus Culture has been calling a generation of revivalists to give themselves fully for Jesus and His cause in the earth. A generation marked with radical love and demonstrations of power who are called to be leaders in nations to see the glory of the Lord cover the earth. In 2011, Jesus Culture held their first arena gathering in Chicago, IL. Over 14,000 youth and young adults from all over America gathered to seek the Lord with all of their heart for three days. It was a monumental moment where God came in a unique and significant way and marked a generation for revival. As they left Chicago, God began to speak to them about continuing to move forward in mobilizing a generation in America by gathering together in key cities to seek the Lord and be equipped for transformation.

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