Yehova Teri Kripa Mahaan Hai - Panah ~ Kripal Mohan (Lyrics/Chords)

Kripal mohan Song of Hope
Yehova Teri Kripa Mahaan Hai is a beautiful Hindi Worship song from Panah meaning The Shelter. This album is the work of Song of Hope Band headed by Kripal Mohan who worked as the music director. Song of Hope is a ministry which works to build worship – culture evangelism  teaching & hosting worship conferences for all christian communities. This band also have some famous albums like Naa Pranama, Snehithuda, NeeVakyame, Neekorake and Romans.

PANAH - Hindi Worship Album
Bang: Song of Hope (SOH)
Album: Panah
Artist: Kenny
Director: Kripal Mohan

Intro:- Dm  C A# C Dm

Dm         C      A#    C         Dm
Yehova teri kripa     mahan hai
 Dm          C       A#     C        Dm
Tera pyaar gham kitna chahathe hai
  Dm     F            A#    C

Aakash se woh uncha hai
 Dm    F         A#    C
Sagar se bhi gehra  hai
 Dm        F       A#       C
Duniyaka tu hi khudha hai
 Dm     C       A#      Gm
Thu hi hamara panah     hai
 Dm      C      A#   C   Dm

Yehova jyothi aur udhar hai
 Dm          C      A#    C        Dm
Abh mein kisse aur kyun daroon
Dm     F           A#     C
Tujme hamara taqath hai
 Dm      F           A#   C
Thu mere dil ki chahath hai
 Dm  F               A# C
Thujpe hi mera barosa
 Dm    C     A#      Gm
Tuhi hamara zarurat hai

Chords Credit : Sunny
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