He Came to Set the Captives Free, written by Rebecca Brown, MD, a Christian doctor, with co-narration from a former Bride of Satan named Elaine. The two actually battled each other for awhile before ultimately Elaine converted and gave her life to Christ. Together, they go in-depth into ways Satan and his demons work, and into the ways we inadvertently open doorways for him to attack. Not every doorway is automatic for every person, but it is definitely food for thought on how sneaky the enemy can be. It can make us look back through our life and officially close some of those potential doors in prayer.

Regardless of whether you feel called to the battlefield as part of your Christian walk, it is an interesting read, if intense at times, that will get you thinking about where the enemy is in relation to your life and the lives of those around you. So I say check it out.

Elaine became one of the top witches in the U.S. and almost killed Dr. Brown before turning her life over to Jesus Christ. This is a shocking exposé of Satan's activities in Christian churches and a manual on how to fight back.

For 17 years Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S., clashed with Dr. Brown who stood against her alone. In the titanic life and death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and lover greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ. Below is the download link of He Came to set the Captives Free.

In this blog download link of the e-book was provided for many years. But now I have removed the link since I feel guilty to have made loss to the original author. Kindly forgive me if I have wasted your time. If you are interested to buy the book you can buy from Amazon from the below provided link.

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