Want to make a special item for this Christmas, want to surprise your guests with something special. From turkey dinners to flawless pudding, we've got your Christmas cooking covered. Take a look at few eBooks which contains array of recipes for your stress-free guide to festive food. Some books are free with kindle edition keep an eye on them.

1. Christmas Recipes from My Table To Yours (Author: Lynn's Kitchen Adventures)

Christmas Recipes from My Table To Yours offers quick, easy, and inexpensive holiday recipes from Blueberry Baked French Toast for a special family breakfast to Chocolate Bread Pudding for a scrumptious holiday dessert.

About this Book
It’s that special time of year for giving thanks, spending time with family and showing love through giving. The recipes we enjoy are most likely traditions passed down from one generation to the next or they become NEW traditions as we settle on a new family favorite. Not only is food a tradition during this time of year, food can be the best GIFT!

Have a look at all these quick and easy ideas…

Cinnamon Rolls for Mom
Homemade Buttermilk Syrup for Grandma
Peanut Butter Cups for the Kiddos
Chex Carmel Mix and Spiced Nuts for Dad
Butter Rum Cake and Raspberry Truffles for the Neighbors
Spinach Artichoke Dip or Chocolate Peppermint Bark for the Office
Plus many more!

2. The Christmas Cookie Plate

50 Years of Award-Winning Cookie Recipes from the Russell Kitchen by Little Pearl and Julie Schoen

You and your family deserve to have the best cookies this holiday season!

With 35 proven award-winning recipes from a family who knows their way around dessert, The Christmas Cookie Plate is the only cookbook you will need this Christmas to give your family and friends something to rave about. Impress everyone with mouthwatering desserts like

-Chewy and Delicious Oatmeal Cookies
-Fun Holiday Mini Treasure Cookies
-The Secret Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
-Beautiful Candy Cane Cookies
-Blue Ribbon Sugar Cookies
-and The Best Fudge Recipe You Will Ever Taste! (it's smooth and amazing)

The Russell family has been delivering Christmas cookie plates for over 30 years. With recipes that have been perfected for over half a century, you can be assured that you will have the best cookies and bars this holiday season.

Christmas only comes around once a year so be sure you do it right! Let the Russell family show you how to make the best Christmas Cookie Plate -- buy this book now and Happy Holidays!

3. Christmas with Family & Friends Cookbook:

Favorite recipes, homemade memories and little touches that make the holidays warm & cozy. (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)

The holiday season is here! Packed with more than 200 mouthwatering recipes for the season, Christmas with Family & Friends includes their best tried & true dishes for Christmas brunch and dinner, festive party fare, decadent desserts and charming cookies…plus a sprinkling of heartfelt memories and tips for making the most of the season.

Just imagine the aroma of homemade gingerbread cake, the savory taste of bacon-wrapped chestnuts and the festive fruitiness of Santa Claus cranberry punch. For Christmas dinner, try rosemary-garlic turkey alongside cranberry-pecan stuffing. There’s a whole chapter of favorite cookie recipes and you’ll treasure the chapter of memories too!

4. Christmas Celebrations eCookbook: 5 Holiday-Special Menus with 34 Recipes:

For a tasty and hassle-free holiday, they’ve got easy recipes for every Christmas celebration you can imagine! Whether you’re trimming the tree or hosting a holiday potluck, their Christmas Celebrations eCookbook features 5 holiday-special menus with 34 quick and easy recipes to make your yuletide joyfully delicious. Sponsored by Youngstown Fresh Pomegranate Arils, this festive collection includes a variety of recipes so no matter the holiday celebration, you’ll be ready with crowd-pleasing appetizers, cocktails, main dishes, sides and desserts. Holiday dinners don’t have to be backbreaking work, and the Mr. Food Test Kitchen can make your Christmas celebrations super-easy. And one more Good news is this book is provided free by MrFood for free so download from the below link. 

5. Delicious Christmas Holiday Recipes (Author: Maggie Newton)

One of the great things about Christmas is all the lovely food! If you haven't cooked a Christmas dinner before or you're unsure of how to go about preparing for the big day then this eBook gives you a quality selection of Holiday recipes.Covering everything from the main Christmas meal of Maple covered Roasted Chicken, Turkey, as well as mouth watering ways to cook Ham, Pork loin, rosemary seasoned Lamb joint and Roast Beef Sirloin.

Nothing accompanies a succulent meat better than delicious vegetables such as honey roasted carrots and parsnips or creamy sweet potato.And you mustn't forget the sauces! Homemade Bread sauce and Apple and cranberry sauce brings your big feast alive.Mince Pies, Christmas Cake, Rich Christmas Pudding, Stolen are the main deserts we have that you and your family will die for. Then the finish off you need some warming winter drinks such as Mulled Wine and Cider, Hot buttered Rum and of course, Eggnog and Snowball.

6. 35 Christmas Dessert Recipes: Quick Recipe Guide To Holiday Pies, Cakes And Candy ( Author: Jean Pardue)

What better way to get yourself in the holiday spirit than baking delicious candy, pies and other desserts that every member of your family will enjoy?You know how warm and tingly it makes you feel inside to prepare all of their favorites, but once in a while you might want to prepare a few brand new dessert recipes. Well, you will fall in love with this recipe book.

Everyone knows it's a challenge to choose a new Christmas party dessert recipe their family will love with the many mouth-watering choices available. I would like to share a few of my favorite desserts for the holidays with you so you will have some new ideas for planning your get together.

So, I spent some time researching and compiling 35 Christmas Dessert Recipes that you can prepare for your family and friends.

In this book following are included:

- Mrs. Claus's Apple Pie
- Christmas Morning Pumpkin Muffins
- Visions of No-Bake Cookies
- Blitzen's Blondies Squares
- Gingerbread Delight
- Granny's Christmas Pound Cake
- And Don't Forget the Fudge Candy!

What will you serve this year? Cake? Pie? Pudding? One of each?No matter, they're all here in one recipe book so go crazy this season!So, don't wait until the last minute to plan which delightful desserts will you will be preparing for the holidays this Yule Tide season!Most directions for the confectioneries and sweets in this cookbook are quick & easy and you save even more time by having these delicious desserts for 

7. Grandma's Best Christmas Recipes (Grandma's Best Recipes) by Marg Ruttan 

In Grandma's Best Christmas Recipes you'll find all your old-time favorite recipes for Christmas as well as some newer ones that current Grandma's might make. From the traditional Christmas dinner recipes like roast turkey and stuffing, gravy, and whipped mashed potatoes to less traditional recipes like the turnip casserole, there is a wide variety to choose from.

These are simple Christmas recipes that are packed with flavor and down-home goodness. They are easy Christmas recipes to make and all will become favorites of your family. You'll discover classic Christmas cookie recipes like shortbread and gingerbread men, an easy fudge recipe, a Christmas pudding recipe and many other mouth-watering recipes to choose from. These time-tested reicpes are ones you'll come back to every Christmas and that your family will ask for year after year. Yours to enjoy - Grandma's Best Christmas Recipes.

8. Christmas Recipes by Naomi Keefe

No matter what time of year it is never too early to start planning Christmas and holiday menus. If you are looking to try something new in addition to the usual fare then you will find over 70 delicious and easy recipes for your menu planning. Included in these holiday recipes are Dips, Nibbles, Main Events, Sides, Desserts and Drinks each with their own twist. Enjoy at any holiday feast or celebration.

9. Best Ever Christmas Dessert Recipes by Lori Burke

41 Delicious Christmas Recipes to make your Christmas Special. In Best Ever Christmas Dessert Recipes, Lori Burke brings you a collection of both traditional and contemporary Christmas dessert recipes. These kitchen-tested recipes are delicious and easy to make.  There are recipes for Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, breads and desserts. There are also recipes for traditional Christmas drinks.

Included are classic, family Christmas dessert recipes like Christmas Sugar Cookies, Rum Balls, Holiday Thumbprint Cookies, Poinsettia Cookies, Amaretti ai Pignoli, Polish Kolaczki, Christmas Bread Pudding, Christmas Rum Cake, Gingerbread Cake, Homemade Pumpkin Pie and more.

You'll also find more contemporary Christmas dessert recipes like Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, Lemon Sugar Cookies, Eggnog Cookies, Fruitcake Cookies, Brandy Eggnog Cake, Annie's Apple Crisp, Eggnog Cheesecake, Pecan Squares and more. There are also recipes for homemade Christmas drink favorites like Hot Mulled Wine, Hot Spiced Cider, Hot Caramel Vanilla, Italian Hot Chocolate and Traditional Hot Buttered Rum. Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary holiday dessert recipe to share at your Christmas table this year, Best Ever Christmas Dessert Recipes has a recipe for you.

10. Christmas Cookies - Just Like Your Mother Use To Make by Charlotte Stevens 

They are your mother’s Christmas cookie recipes. These scrumptious cookies are wonderful to bake for the holidays and all the days of the year. I’ve been baking them all for over 40 years and they still are the first ones that are eaten. I always have to bake extra or else I wouldn’t have any to bring or give to my family and friends. There are 22 of my favorites including Full of Fruit Bars, Kriss Kringle Sticks, Cinnamon Stars and Cookie Sandwiches. Did I mention Snicker Doodles? You better make extra or you won’t have any left. Get your copy now so you can start preparing to bake for the holidays.

Did I miss anything if so please share your comments. Hope you have a delicious Christmas.

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