Back to the Start - Martin SmithBack to the start is a song by Delirious lead singer Martin Smith from his latest album God's Great Dance Floor. This album was released in April 2013 via Gloworks and Integrity Music. Smith was one of the founding members of Delirious along with Stewart Smith and Tim Jupp, when they formed the band as The Cutting Edge. Smith is now a solo artist and his debut Album God's Great Dance Floor had good response and he also partnered with Jesus Culture in a conference.

Debut Album from Delirious Lead singer Martin Smith
Released April 23rd

Capo 1st fret-----key Bb

A2   D2      A2  E
Waiting for You
A2   D2      A2  E
Be my rescue
A2   D2     
Find me
 A2  E
Bring me out alive
A2   D2      A2  E
I will surrender


A2               D2    
Back to the start
A2                E
Where You found me
A2                        D2
I give You my heart again
Bm              A
Take everything
A                D
I'm all I can bring
I'm coming home again


Savior save me
Darkness leave me
Healer burn away this pain
Hold me
I'm a fire I'm note a flame

[A D]  [A E] repeat.
I give You my heart again

D2        A2                  E         (repeat)
I'm coming back to the start, to the start
I'm coming back to You
I'm running back to Your heart, to Your heart
I'm running back to You

[ A2/F D2/G]  [A2/D E/A]  -repeat
You never stop loving us
No matter how far we were
You never give up on us
All of heaven shout
Let the future begin

A feel alive
I come alive
I am alive
On God's Great dance floor

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