Dominion is a worship song by Citipointe Live a worship team birthed from Citipointe Church Brisbane and have a great passion for the local Church. Devoted to their church vision 'to unmistakably influence our world for good and for God', Citipointe Live travel Internationally bringing life changing worship and training to churches and conferences worldwide. The lyrics and Music for Dominion was framed by Chardon Lewis.


Intro: Gm7 Bb2 Eb2

Verse 1:
Gm7       Bb2      Eb2
Sanctified by Your grace
                Gm7              Bb2               Eb2
Was once wounded but now You've removed all stains
Gm7              B2               Eb2             Gm7     Bb2   Eb2
Cleansing me with tender mercy I will abide in You

Verse 2:
There is no one that is like You
Pure is this love You've bestowed upon us
It is a privilege to worship You almighty God

Pre Chorus 1:
Cm7        Bb/D       Eb2     Gm7        F                      Eb2
All of the earth is Yours, You're our delight You are Lord of all

Pre Chorus 2:
All of the earth is Yours, You're Alpha and Omega
All of the earth is Yours, You're our delight You are Lord of all

Bb                 Eb2          Gm7   F     Eb2
You have the Dominion over all the earth
Gm7                     F/A     Bb/D   Eb   F           E  (Gm7 Turnaround)
And with all that's within me, I will bless You Lord

Eb           F           Gm7 (x3)
You have rescued me
You have rescue me
You took a wretch like this
                Bb                F
You loved me, saved me

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