This song was written by Brian Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. It is the title track of Bethel's live worship album, "Have It All." Bethel Music's upcoming album Have It All features 14 new songs centered upon God's nature. His promises and His presence in our lives. Featuring 13 worship leaders from the Bethel Music Collective including Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger, Kalley HeiligenthalAmanda Cook, William Matthews, Jonathan Helser and more, this album is the first to be recorded live during Bethel Church weekend services since For The Sake of the World (2012). The album captures the refreshing essence of live worship and includes spontaneous moments as those gathered respond in his presence. The album's heartbeat can be summed up by these lyrics from the title track: "You can have it all Lord/Every part of my world/Take this life and breathe on/This heart that is now yours."

               C    G
You can have it all, Lord
             C  Em
Every part of my world
                  C       Em
Take this life and breathe on
    Am                G
This heart that is now Yours

Verse 1:
Em      C         G
Oh the joy I've found
    Em   C         G
Surrendering my crowns
       Am   G      D
At the feet of the King
        Am      G      D
Who has drawn near to me
(Sometimes the last line is: Who surrendered everything)

Verse 2:
Oh the peace that comes
When I'm broken and undone
By your unfailing grace
I can lift my voice and say

C  Em  G  D
Oh...  Oh...

There is no greater call
Than giving You my all
G                    D
I will lay down my life
(Sometimes this line is: I lay it all down. I lay it all down.)
There is no greater love
No higher name above
G                D
You are my one desire
(Sometimes this line is: I lay it all down. I lay it all down.)

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