Babylon forces invade Jerusalem and carry away many of the city's finest young people, including Daniel and his three young friends: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They are to be trained alongside Babylonian boys to become wise men and are given Babylonian names. God gives Daniel and his friends great wisdom. During a series of events in Daniel's life serving King Nebuchadnezzar, being placed in jail, interpreting the king's dream we learn the values of patience and trust. The King has a magnificent golden statue built and demands that all worship the idol. When Daniel's three friends refuse, Nebuchadenzzar has them thrown into a fiery oven. An angel of God appears and protects them in the furnace. When Daniel is thrown into the lion's den, he proves that God still rules over the affairs of men! This is a story about courage, integrity, and trust in God

This animated movie helps not only children but people who are unaware of Bible stories and want to build up their faith in the only true living God. This story gives a person strength at times of trouble. Our circumstances might be as if we cant move any forward but it is God alone who can make a peaceful atmosphere midst the lions.

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