Awaken Me is a beautiful song sung by Chris Quilala in Awakening Live from Chicago album.This album was recorded live over three days in Chicago at Jesus Culture's Awakening 2011 conference, this is Jesus Culture's 6th full-length album. This recording features worship songs by the Jesus Culture Band as well as songs from Jake Hamilton, Kristene DiMarco, and Byran & Katie Torwalt.

Lyrics and chords of Awaken Me
Original Release Date: February 5, 2008
Label: Jesus Culture Music
Singer: Chris Quilala
Copyright: 2010 Jesus Culture Music

Intro : G
Intro 2: C    D    Em   G/B

Verse 1:
C                      Em
Let our praise be a highway
D                       C
Fill this place, oh King of Glory
Em                         D
Touch our cities and fill Your people

A new day dawning,
You are shining like the sun
Arising, You awaken me
You awaken me

C           D      Em       (D)
Eyes to see and ears to hear You calling
       C      D            Em     (D)
Our hearts respond to Your Spirit falling

G      G/B           C      (D)
You're awakening our hearts to Your kingdom
Em            G/B                   C
Heaven is falling as we are declaring Your Name
G       G/B           C      (D)
We'll sing aloud with all of our passion
Em       G/B            C
King of Glory, come and fill this place

Verse 2
C              Em           D
Let our lives be a pure reflection of You,
C         Em                          D
King of Glory, Shine Your light on us, Your people

   C           Em            D                   C
A new song rising joined by the sound of heaven's praise
Em                D
You're awakening, You awaken me

C       D    Em
Come like You promised
C       D    Em
Come, fall upon us

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