Surrender all is sung by Chris Quilala for Jesus Culture's latest album Unstoppable love which was recorded live during Jesus Culture's annual Encounter Conference held Jan. 2014 in Sacramento at alifornia's historic Memorial Auditorium. This song is the emotional and impassioned bridge of "Surrender All." Just like previous Quilala-led songs for the Church.
Jesus Culture Surrender All (Give You Everything)
Unstoppable Love 2014
Key[C]Tempo 69BPM

Verse 1
[C]         [E]m               [A]m
All to Jesus I,  I surrender all
All to Him I freely give
[C]          [E]m                         [A]m
I will ever love, and trust Him with my heart
In His presence daily live

[F]          [G]                     [D]m
I surrender all, to Jesus Christ my King
   [A]m          [G]
I surrender everything
[F]          [G]                      [D]m
I surrender all, my hopes and all my dreams
  [C]       [G]                   [C]
I surrender all, and give You everything

Verse 2
All to Jesus I, I surrender all
Humbly at His feet I bow
Pleasures of this world, I would gladly trade
Take it all Lord, take me now

Verse 3
All to Jesus I, I surrender all
Oh to feel thy sacred flame
Love?s salvation born, filling us with joy
Glory, glory to His Name!

[Dm]    [F]   [A]m    [G]
All to Jesus, I surrender
[Dm]    [F]   [C]     [G]
All to Jesus, I surrender all

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