We will run by Kim Walker Smith is from Jesus Culture Latest album "Unstoppable Love" which was recorded live during Jesus Culture's annual Encounter Conference held Jan. 2014 in Sacramento at California's historic. A reviewer said as follows""We Will Run" led by Kim Walker-Smith is a gorgeous offering to Jesus, proclaiming "We'll leave our past at the Cross / Surrender before You / We will run to You." Like her great upbeat Jesus-focused songs "Rooftops" and "Alive," you'll be worshipping our King Jesus right along with Kim" Below find the video, lyrics and chords.

Jesus Culture We Will Run
Unstoppable Love 2014
Key D Tempo 125BPM

Verse 1
Bm          G        A       G
Your, Your heart is full of love and mercy
Bm          G            A             G
Your, Your blood poured out you were broken for us
Bm                G                          A
We remember the price that You paid on the cross
Your love is calling, love is calling

G       D            A          Bm
We will run to Your arms give everything to You
G       D      A
We will run to You
G          D          A        Bm
Leave our past at the cross Surrendered before You
G       D       A
We will run to You

Verse 2
Your, Your eyes they blaze, they are all consuming
Now our hearts are Yours, they burn for You only
We remember the price that you paid on the cross
Your love is calling, love is calling

G            A                Bm
With every heart, with all we are
             F#m A (Into the Chorus)
We give You praise, You are our Savior

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