Being born in a rich family Emmanuel had everything, but slowly things started to change for the worst and he ended up becoming an agent for satan. Emmanuel has been a wonderful story of God’s deliverance from satan. What drove Emmanuel to become an agent of satan and how God in his mercy delivered him from the bondage is this testimony all about.

Testimonies which talk about the encounter with satan open our eyes on spiritual warfare and help us to be well equipped against the attacks of satan and his agents, which we are constantly victims of.

What you are about to read is the incredible testimony of former witch doctor Emmanuel Amos Eni of Nigeria Africa. You will read  Emmanuel's true story of his entrance into deep witchcraft and his deliverance from it by the Lord Jesus Christ.

A few drops from this book:

1)The devil never gives anything away for free. He bargains with our souls for everything he gives.
2)At 2-00 in the morning Alice came home with a creepy baby. Before my eyes she dug out the baby's small eyes with her two fingers and took them out. Then she banged the baby on the wall and put a plate of its scattered meat and blood and told me to eat it.
3)Satan asked when one of us said that God had sent someone to redeem mankind. who is that?
4)When one of us replied, "He is JESUS," to our surprise, the devil "suddenly" fell down from his seat.
5)When we begins to praise God with a true heart, confusion and trouble arise in Satan's world. Prayer is like a bomb thrown at Satan.
6)The name Jesus, and the word blood of Jesus Christ, scatter all of Satan's plans and strategies.
7)"Reporting the Word of God" and "believing that the Word of God will comes true"- is the promise of God.
Chapter - 1 Towards a new life
Chapter - 2 Early days
Chapter - 3 The border of iniquity
Chapter - 4 Satan's war with Christians
Chapter - 5 My Meeting with Jesus Christ
Chapter - 6 Tests and Success
Chapter - 7 The actions of Satan's angels
Chapter - 8 The weapons of the believers
Chapter - 9 What's next?

This testimony will not leave you unmoved.

In Tamil Edition this book can be bought in digital format through Amazon.



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  1. amazing... i have also heard of witchcraft and the story of Gods deliverance like one of these

  2. Please put in Tamil please


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