Recent revivals at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, have sparked a remarkable spiritual awakening among participants, leading to visible life changes and a fervent atmosphere of prayer. Campus pastor Rob Fultz shares his firsthand account of the extraordinary events that unfolded, highlighting the genuine transformation and salvations experienced by students during this powerful revival.

Unprecedented Assembly and Continual Outpouring:

As students gathered in the chapel at Lee University, Fultz initially perceived it as a typical Christian school assembly. However, he quickly realized that something extraordinary was happening as a tangible sense of anticipation permeated the campus. For approximately ten consecutive days, the outpouring of worship and prayer continued without ceasing, leaving an indelible mark on the university.

A Lasting Impact and Atmosphere Shift:

Weeks after the revivals, the impact remains palpable. While public worship services have ceased, the commitment to prayer and seeking the Lord persists. Fultz attests to a distinct and indefinite atmospheric shift on campus, undeniable evidence of the enduring spiritual awakening that has taken place. Students persist in their prayers, seeking God and eagerly anticipating further outpourings of His presence.

A Clear Sign of Transformation:

From the moment the revival began, Rob Fultz sensed that something extraordinary was happening on campus. The energy and excitement were palpable, as students rushed from their classes to the chapel, drawn by an irresistible force. The impact of these spiritual events remains evident, as prayer and seeking the Lord have become a central focus, even after public worship sessions were suspended. The atmosphere at Lee University has shifted indefinitely, leaving no doubt that a profound transformation is taking place.

The Realness of Life Change:

Rob Fultz attests to the authenticity of the life change occurring at Lee University. He witnesses firsthand the remarkable stories of transformation and shares one particularly powerful testimony of a young man who stumbled upon the revival. Drawn by curiosity, this individual walked into the rec center, unaware of the spiritual awakening taking place. As he observed a fellow student sharing a testimony and witnessed a baptism performed by Rob, he felt a stirring in his heart. Approaching Rob with uncertainty, he expressed his confusion and emotions. In that moment, Rob led him to the Lord, experiencing a beautiful encounter with God's love and grace.

Real Life Change and Baptisms:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the revivals is the genuine transformation of hearts and minds experienced by participants. Fultz recounts numerous instances of students encountering Jesus and embracing Him in their lives. Through the wake of the revival, Fultz has been conducting baptisms on campus, symbolizing the public declaration of faith and the tangible evidence of the life change taking place. He shares a poignant story of a young man who, drawn by curiosity, attended an event and found himself encountering Jesus. Moved by the testimony of another student and the powerful presence of God, the young man approached Fultz, leading to a beautiful moment of salvation.

Easiness in Sharing the Gospel:

As a result of the revival, Fultz observes a newfound ease in sharing the Gospel. The transforming power of God's presence has ignited a passion within students to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ with boldness and conviction.

Continued Prayers and Spread of the Gospel:

In light of these extraordinary events, Fultz encourages continued prayers for the students, faculty, and all those impacted by the revivals. The fervent desire is for lasting change in their lives and for the Gospel to spread further, touching the hearts and souls of many.

The revival at Lee University has ushered in a transformative spiritual awakening, marked by genuine life changes, baptisms, and an atmosphere of continuous prayer. The testimonies of students encountering Jesus and the evident ease in sharing the Gospel serve as powerful reminders of God's presence and His desire to draw people into a deeper relationship with Him. As we join in prayer for the participants of this revival, may their lives continue to be transformed, and may the spread of the Gospel impact countless more souls.

Continued Impact and Invitation:

The revival at Lee University has touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark of transformation and awakening. As the campus pastor, Rob Fultz has been instrumental in administering baptisms and nurturing the spiritual growth of students. The testimonies of changed lives serve as a powerful invitation to all who desire a deeper connection with God and a genuine life change. The revival is an opportunity not to be missed, as it offers the promise of encountering God's presence and embracing His transformative power.

The revival at Lee University, influenced by the powerful movement at Asbury University, has brought about a significant and authentic life change on campus. Led by campus pastor Rob Fultz, the revival has created an undeniable shift in the atmosphere, fueling a relentless pursuit of God and a deepening of faith among students. The testimonies of salvation, baptism, and personal encounters with God's love affirm the reality and power of the revival. The invitation stands for all to join this transformative movement and experience the life-changing touch of God. Don't miss your portion in this remarkable revival at Lee University.

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