The Cedarville Revival refers to a period of spontaneous prayer, worship, and spiritual awakening that took place at Cedarville University in Ohio. The revival occurred following a similar outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Asbury University in Kentucky.

The Cedarville Revival began during a Monday morning chapel service on the Cedarville campus during February 2023. As students were engaging with the Old Testament passage of Psalm 86, some students felt compelled to come forward and pray. This act of spontaneous prayer sparked a continued atmosphere of worship and seeking God's presence.

Chapel services extended beyond their regular time, with students staying for additional prayer and singing. The presence of God was evident as students wept, hugged one another, and sought spiritual renewal. The worship and prayer gatherings continued into the evening, with students coming back to the chapel after their classes.

Cedarville University President Thomas White characterizes the atmosphere as a special outpouring and sensing of the presence of the Lord, acknowledging that historians will determine if it qualifies as a revival.

Chapel worship at Cedarville University of Cedarville, Ohio, February 2023

The spontaneous outpouring of prayer and worship at Cedarville University started during the Monday morning chapel service. While going through the Old Testament passage of Psalm 86, students began coming forward to pray without any formal altar call or invitation. As students prayed and sang, the chapel continued beyond its regular end time, with an altar full of students seeking God's presence, some weeping and hugging one another.

The chapel service extended into the next class period, with approximately 1,000 students choosing to stay for additional prayer and singing. Some students returned to the chapel after class, continuing in prayer and worship. An evening prayer meeting was held, attended by around 1,000 students who sang praise songs, read Scripture, and prayed until late at night.

The following day, an altar call was made during the chapel service, and more students came forward. An unplanned evening worship gathering took place, with students engaging in praise, prayer, and Scripture reading until late in the evening. On Wednesday, some Cedarville students went to other schools in the area to evangelize, hoping for a similar outpouring of the Lord's presence.

Although there are similarities between the revivals at Cedarville and Asbury universities, President Thomas White acknowledges that the workings of God may differ in different places. He emphasizes the joy that God is working throughout the country, even if the manifestations vary.

The spontaneous worship and prayer at Cedarville University demonstrate the impact and influence of the revival at Asbury University, inspiring students to seek God's presence, experience personal transformation, and engage in evangelism.

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